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The Bank of Mum and Dad is 9th Biggest Lender

  • 84% of parents help their children - 57% is a gift, 18.3% is a no-interest loan and 4.8% a loan with interestyoung couple with parent
  • The Bank of Mum and Dad contributes 26% of funds to the UK housing market
  • The Bank of Mum & Dad is the 9th biggest lender

With many young people struggling to find the money to put down a cash deposit, it comes as no surprise that the majority are leaning on their parents to help them find the money (AKA the bank of Mum and Dad).

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Choosing Surveys and Solicitors

Choosing Surveys and SolicitorsWhen buying a house you already have a lot to pay out, so the thought of paying for something else on top of that can seem rather annoying. Yet having a survey carried out on a property can be invaluable as it can highlight things that would otherwise remain hidden, as well as those things that are visible but perhaps not to the untrained eye. 

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Help to Buy Explained

Help To BuyTrying to get a foot on the property ladder can be a struggle for many people. Often with university debt stacked behind you and a low paid, entry level first job, saving enough money to put down a deposit is a common problem.

The government has introduced a number of different Help to Buy schemes, all aimed at those struggling to get to where they want to be on the property ladder.  

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Opening Doors to Greater Mortgage Advice

The Consumer Code for Home Builders protects anyone buying a new build property and also opens the customer up to a wide range of mortgages.CCHB

What is the code and what does it cover?

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Searching for that dream home

Searching for that dream homeViewing houses for the first time can be very exciting as the possibility of what could be, begins to look like a reality for the first time. 

When viewing properties, it’s important you don’t get too carried away. It can be helpful to take a friend or family member along to the viewings for a second opinion that is free of any emotion. 

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Increase in the upper age limit for borrowers.

You might not have noticed, but during the Spring and Summer of 2016 there was a flurry of activity as lenders announced (in quick succession) an increase in the upper age limit for borrowers.Upper Age

First came the Halifax with an increase from 75 to 80, quickly followed by the Nationwide allowing existing customers with a retirement income, to borrow up to the age of 80, with a maximum age at maturity of 85.

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National Mortgage Index February 2017

National Mortgage Index February 2017Cooling Buy-To-Let Activity Helps First Time Buyers Get a Foot on the Ladder

Latest data from Mortgage Advice Bureau, the UK’s leading mortgage broker, points to initial signs of a potential correlation between an increase of First Time Buyers getting their foot on the ladder and a decrease by those purchasing in the Buy-To-Let sector.

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National Mortgage Index March 2017

NMI Calendar March 17Affordability is improving for many as mortgages remain at their cheapest ever

Mortgage Advice Bureau's latest National Mortgage Index suggests that mortgage affordability is improving, despite ongoing increases in house prices in many areas of the UK. Highlights of the report are below and the full NMI release can be found here.

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Managing Your Own Finances

Managing Your Own FinancesIf you're considering buying a house on your own, then it’s worth sitting down and going through your finances. Weigh up your outgoings against what your monthly income is; this will give you an idea of how much disposable income you have and what you could potentially afford to pay out on a mortgage.  

Below is an example of a budget planner, showing any fixed outgoings you might have against flexible expenses.

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